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Cheeky Promo uses social media and an arts festival to help musicians, music startups & businesses to make connections so that they can do what they love.

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Why Cheeky Promo?

"These are all excellent ideas. I've only really just started my page so learning how to improve it every day. Really appreciate your advice though - it's very kind of you." (Natasha Prendergast)

"Very generous, excellent knowledge and very much appreciated!" (Ben River)

"Hi Rupert! I was going to send you a message, to give you my heartfelt gratitude, for what you did. I'm currently still set up lots of things in preparation of my trip, so I wasn't unable to follow all my pages, but you really did a huge work! You can't believe: lots of people liked my page and my music on Facebook! It's incredible!!!" (Irene Conti)

"Cheeky Promo is awesome! Personally, I've had a great experience on this page. I'm meeting people that actually want to talk about music and most have welcoming advice. Glad to be part of this group, check it out!" (Evan Rosen on Facebook)

"No thank you! You are my philosopher of music friend, of all music! Very rarely do I find someone posting about music of all genres. Deffo feeds my taste!" (Robdenn Landrie on Facebook)

"The questions are nicely delivered & articulated and I liked your style." (Lisa Kirchner, singer, songwriter, producer)

"I highly suggest you check out cheeky promo! Rupert is brilliant, I know him personally, and he is hardworking, and has his heart in the right place to help musicians!” (Lori Joachim Fredrics, singer, teacher, 26 Sept ’15)

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"...Rupert Cheek is based in England and his page is for all music - mate it a shame other page admins are not like you - give advice, encourage people and allow posts from everywhere knowing music is everywhere. Cheeky Promo is the way forward…" (Donald J Makin, 20 Sept ’15)

"What you did yesterday, sharing Jamseek® all around the internet really impressed us, and to be honest, you are very skilled! We had about [60] more likes on our Facebook page, and you have great ideas to share in the startup community (F6S). So I'd like to thank you very much for what you have done. ...." (Pierre, @Jamseekapp, June '15)

"I'm always seeing Rupert Cheek promoting.many people don’t realise the dedication and time this takes. I do! You are a credit to us all! Keep up the great work" (Wayne Walsh, June 2015)

"I can actually relate to a lot of Rupert does here, 'cause from my personal experience I know too well that it's damn hard to pull off a continuous promotion full-time over several networks! My respect and compliments to you, Rupert" (Catherine Corelli aka I, Alice, June 2015)

"Rupert is beyond selfless, I know this from experience, he will go out of his way for people. I have met some good people on Facebook and Rupert ranks in the very very top, and on top of all that, Rupert is trust worthy. Personally if Rupert told me that it was okay to cross a busy road with a blind-fold on I wouldn’t hesitate, and I don’t trust people that much" (Michael McKinnon, Feb 2014)

"On behalf of all of us here at Dark Beauty we extend a huge thank you to our good friend Rupert Cheek, for introducing many of his friends from the UK to Dark Beauty's music! We are gaining many new fans from the UK and we are truly grateful to have his support! Thank you Rupert!!! Liz, Bryan, Dan, Gary, Warren" (Dark Beauty, Jan 2014)

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"Hi Rupert, I just wanted to say thanks for what you're doing, I'm noticing a difference already." (Kitten And The Hip, Oct 2013)

"I would like to take this time to thank you my friend for all the help and assistance you have given in your time and advise to my career, you are without a doubt a brilliant asset to music and artists thank you Rupert Cheek - You are A True and Caring Star to any artist you accept to work with that needs your services & promo” (Elainee Presley)

"Thank you to Cheeky Promo, both on Facebook & Twitter, for helping us spread the good message about Music Therapy! Whether it is a Retweet, Share, or just a friendly "Hello," these friends have been top notch to Terra Rising. Thanks Rupert Cheek for all of your hard work, sleepless nights & tireless warm compliments! Please if you do not follow our very good friends on twitter, do so here!” (Mike Ricucci of Terra Rising Records)

"Rupert's passion and dedication to his work is infectious and inspirational, not just a musician but also in the promotion of fellow musicians/artists. I highly recommend his services and look forward to future collaborations.” (Marika Rauscher, Opera [Soprano] / crossover singer / Singing Teacher & Voice Coach)

"Rupert in my opinion is a very talented writer and musician. As a promoter he is highly motivated and selfless in his efforts to promote musicians, their bands, and their music" (Eddie Conlon; singer-songwriter, guitarist)

"I'm appreciative of what Cheeky Promo / Rupert Cheek does for upcoming & home grown talent. He allowed me to share my music with UK viewers for the first time by giving me an interview. The website is a good directory of unsigned talent in varied music genres." (Matthew Daniel)

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Arts Festival

London based music promoter Cheeky Promo is organising an arts festival to raise money for 2 vital charities - Nordoff Robbins (music therapy) & London's Air Ambulance - both close to my heart as I had music therapy as a child & was helped by the LAA after an accident in 2011.

Cheeky Promo is looking for a plethora of performers (musicians, live artists, performance poets, dancers, theatre groups), a collection of creatives (artists / painters, filmmakers, fashion designers), a vat of volunteers, and a selection of sponsors so we can book the venue & pay the performers whilst raising money for the 2 charities.

A beautiful, bold, bright, daring, dark, engaging, enthralling, ear-opening, eye-opening, invigorating, participatory, reflective, thought provoking combination of art, light, colour, communication, community, creativity, design, drama, expression, music, performance, silence, sound, theatre.

Combined with what CheekyPromo learns & the relationships we build whilst organising an Arts Festival, we will launch a co-working hub for music startups in London and a VC firm (Cheeky Ventures / @CheekyStartups).